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void adj
1 lacking any legal or binding force; "null and void" [syn: null]
2 containing nothing; "the earth was without form, and void"


1 the state of nonexistence [syn: nothingness, nullity]
2 an empty area or space; "the huge desert voids"; "the emptiness of outer space"; "without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum" [syn: vacancy, emptiness, vacuum]


1 declare invalid; "The contract was annulled"; "void a plea" [syn: invalidate, annul, quash, avoid, nullify] [ant: validate]
2 clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place, receptacle, etc.) of something; "The chemist voided the glass bottle"; "The concert hall was voided of the audience"
3 take away the legal force of or render ineffective; "invalidateas a contract" [syn: invalidate, vitiate] [ant: validate]
4 excrete or discharge from the body [syn: evacuate, empty]

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  1. Having lost all legal validity
    null and void


Having lost all legal validity


  1. An empty space; a vacuum.
    Nobody had crossed the void since one man died trying three hundred years ago; it's high time we had another go.


An empty space; a vacuum


  1. To make invalid or worthless.
    He voided the check and returned it.
  2. To empty.
    void one’s bowels



to make invalid or worthless
(medicine) to empty

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Void may refer to:
In fiction:
In non-fiction:
In music:
  • ØØ Void, the second album by Sunn O)))
  • Void (band), Washington, D.C.-based hardcore punk band on the Dischord label
  • VOID (DVD), by the Flaming Lips containing 18 of their music videos
In science:
In other fields:
  • Void or Shunyata, Buddhist philosophical concept
  • Void (cards), to have no cards of a particular suit in one's hand during a card game
  • Void (law), to render a check (cheque) or other instrument of no value or utility
  • Void type, keyword indicating the absence of type information in many programming languages
  • electromigration, void in conductor caused by electromigration
  • Void Magic, in the settings of some anime, games, novels or other fantasy worlds this is often a field of magic. Quite often the fields are Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Void. An example of this is Zero no Tsukaima and Inuyasha
void in Japanese: ボイド

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abandon, abbreviate, abnegate, abolish, abridge, abrogate, absence, abysm, abyss, acreage, annihilate, annul, area, arroyo, bankrupt in, bare, bare of, barren, bereft of, bland, blank, blankness, bleached, blot out, blow, blow out, blue-pencil, bootless, bowdlerize, box canyon, breach, breadth, break, bring to naught, bring to nothing, buffer, ca-ca, cancel, cancel out, canyon, cavity, censor, chap, characterless, chasm, check, chimney, chink, clean out, clean slate, clear, clear away, clear off, clear out, clear the decks, cleft, cleuch, clough, col, come to nothing, continuum, coulee, couloir, counterbalance, countermand, counterorder, crack, cranny, crap, crevasse, crevice, cross out, cut, cwm, defecate, defile, delete, dell, denuded of, deplete, deprivation, deprived of, deserted, destitute of, devoid, devoid of, dike, dimension, disannul, discharge, disembogue, dissolve, ditch, do away with, donga, drain, draw, dung, edit, edit out, eject, eliminate, emit, emptiness, empty, empty of, empty out, empty space, erase, evacuate, excavation, excrete, exhaust, existless, expanse, expansion, expel, expunge, expurgate, extension, extent, fault, featureless, field, fissure, flaw, flow, flume, for want of, forlorn of, fracture, frustrate, furrow, futile, galactic space, gap, gape, gash, give off, gorge, groove, gulch, gulf, gully, hole, hollow, idle, in default of, in want of, inane, inanity, incision, ineffective, ineffectual, infinite space, inoperative, insipid, interstellar space, invalid, invalidate, joint, kill, kloof, lacking, leak, make void, measure, minus, missing, moat, needing, negate, negation, negativate, negative, negativeness, negativity, neutralize, niche, nihility, nonbeing, nonentity, nonexistence, nonexistent, nonoccurrence, nonreality, nonsubsistence, not-being, notch, nothing, nothingness, null, null and void, nullah, nullify, nullity, number two, offset, omit, opening, out of, out of pocket, outer space, override, overrule, pass, passage, place, pointless, pour, proportion, purge, put aside, quash, ravine, recall, recant, remove, renege, rent, repeal, repealed, rescind, retract, reverse, revoke, revoked, rift, rime, rub out, rupture, scant of, scissure, scour out, seam, set aside, shit, short, short of, shy, shy of, slit, slot, space, spatial extension, sphere, split, spread, stool, strike, strike off, strike out, stultify, superficial extension, surface, suspend, sweep out, tabula rasa, take a shit, throw out, thwart, tract, trench, unactuality, unavailing, unblessed with, unclog, undo, unexisting, unfilled, unfoul, unoccupied, unpossessed of, unreality, unrelieved, unused, unutilized, urinate, useless, vacancy, vacant, vacantness, vacate, vacuity, vacuous, vacuum, vain, valley, vent, vitiate, void of, volume, wadi, waive, wanting, white, with nothing inside, withdraw, without, without being, without content, write off
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